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Pulp & Paper Industry

We offer the largest range of Paper Mill Knives.

Manufacturing the entire range of knives for paper mill,from pulping to the paper converting stage.

Best quality knives, result of computer controlled state of the art heat treatment process. Sophisticated quality control system followed during the entire production process assures long life of our knives.

High Precision knives made from tool steel, High Speed steel, Powder metallurgy like ASP 2023 / 2053 and Tungsten Carbide.

Sheeter knives for various machines can be manufactured as per the customers specification . We can offer the same in steel grades varying from tool steel to Tungsten Carbide.

Chipper knives in special "Chipper Steel "and with precise Heat treatment available for various Saw mill chipper .Counter knives and shims also available

For winder Re-winders
  • Top Slitter : Flat and Dished with different Bevels as per requirement
  • Bottom Knives with various locking arrangements like Screw, Ecentric, Axial etc
  • Multiple Block Knives
  • Knife Holders
For Pulp Mills
  • Chipper Knives in special Chipper Steel and Heat Treatment for longer usage
  • Counter Knives
  • Shims
For Large format cut size sheeter and Exercise book lines
  • Simplex, Duplex and Syncro Sheet Cutter. For Cellulose ,Paper, Cardboard as well as security and specialty papers