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To provide our customers the best of both worlds i.e. blades with unrivaled quality at competitive price we depend on a sincere and dedicated work force of 400 people. The average work experience age for them in the knife manufacturing Industry is 15 years .This ensures an unrivaled end product in quality and performance.

Good Steel alone does not make a good Blade but the choice of correct grade from the right source goes a long way. Good steel is molded into fine blade by precise machining . We are equipped with the best equipment sourced from leading manufacturer of Japan, Korea, Germany, Italy, Taiwan and India.

Proper temperatures and procedure are needed to strengthen the properties of the steel, due to the fact that incorrect handling can ruin the blade all Heat treatment is done in house. We have a in- house Metallurgical lab to help in checking the quality of the incoming Raw material and final products . Our furnaces are equipped for temperatures up to 1350 degree with inert atmosphere and for Heat treating blades up to 4500mm length. We are also equipped with induction equipment. Triple Tempering of steel is a norm with us. Most important feature is that all these processes are recorded and there is 100% traceability for each Job.

Whether it is CNC Rotary & Surface Grinding, Turning & Machine Centers , Sawing or Drilling, Slotting, inspection on the Laser marking machines ,all are sourced from reputed manufacturer across the World to ensure that our customers get the very finest blade.

Our uncompromising quality comes from attention to details. All Jobs irrespective of size and number are inspected. The machines and tools that are used for inspection are audited for accuracy periodically and certified by a Third party. The inspection is not just at the pre dispatch stage but is an ongoing process that starts right with the Raw material and is completed at each stage of manufacturing. In jest the product that the customer gets is Accurate and blemish free .