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Steel Making and Processing

We offer the largest range of knives for metal shearing & engineering industry

Knives have high precision, tight tolerance and perfect flatness to give you maximum cut /edge.

Available for Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and also Non Ferrous material like Aluminum, Brass, Copper and Tin etc. Blades available in different grades depending on the application. We can offer blades in Cold work tool steel, Hot work tool steel, High Speed Steel, Ni-base alloy steel, Powder Metallurgy and Carbide

Maximum shearing thickness presently 40mm, temperature range from Room temperature to Hot conditions of Wire rod Mills.

We can offer 4400mm long blade in single segments for all kind of shearing machines , from foot shear to Hydraulic Shear

Offering include
  • Guillotine Shearing knives
  • Hot Crop Shear/Billet and Bloom Shears
  • Crop Shear for Angle and other Section
  • Profile shear for Corrugated Steel Sheets
  • Scrap Chopper Blades
  • Work Rolls for 2Hi,4 Hi, Tandem and Skin Pass rolling Mills
  • Blades and Guide Rolls for Wire and Rod Mills